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      My dear, what things you say! I am ashamed of you, though I know its only your fun. The carriage must wait for me. I shall pay a call or two and then take a drive through the town. I think the citizens would feel it to be my duty to do that.

      Of course I want to know. What should I ask for unless I wanted to know? Parkinson tells me they had quite a common supper in the room, nothing out of the way, just some of the fish that was left over and cold beef. I must ask Lady Inverbroom to drop in to lunch some day when she is in Bracebridge, and let her see how a pheasant should be served.

      Poor parson doesnt indulge himself as much as he ought, she said. He wont think a wee bitty about his own happiness, and so he makes others think of it for him.Is that remark made to me? he asked.

      Good-morning, Simpson, he said. What have you come about?


      She smiled, or he thought she smiled, and that together with her reply enraged him.


      And how do you know that? he asked.


      Of what? asked he.